Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA) serves as a teaching resource for postdoctoral students in the biomedical community across the United States, fostering a collaboration of great minds and constant discovery of learning. This project involves creating a brand identity system and various applications of this system for IRACDA's 2019 national conference hosted in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Within the visual identity, the typography, geometric icons, and minimalistic application provides a clean, modern aesthetic appropriate for this biomedical conference. This aesthetic is coupled with a bright color palette used in full bleeds across the different visual materials to capture the familial atmosphere of the conference.


Inclusivity serves as a driving factor throughout the identity by inspiring a characteristic variability in color choice and symbolic meaning behind the design. The identity is representative not only of what IRACDA stands for and the opportunities it fosters, but the people behind the organization and the rich, youthful and cultural experiences the host city of Ann Arbor has to offer. 

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